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DIY Kits

Braw has curated two DIY Cyanotype Kits for you to enjoy the magic of cyanotype at home.


1. DIY Cyanotype Kit £22.50 (free uk p&p)

This allows you to try out this historic technique for yourself without mixing chemicals. The kit is suitable for 6 years+.

Our Kit includes -

 - A5 300 gsm watercolour paper coated with the cyanotype chemicals
- Coated Bookmark (tester)
- 1 x A4 Cardboard
- 1 x A4 Acetate
- 2x Clothes pegs
- Bag of Goodies to get you started*
- Full instructions and link to a video tutorial

 - Choose from 5, 10 ,15 or 20 pieces of hand coated A5 paper.

Experiment exposing at different lengths of times to gain various depths of blue. Try different plants or write on glass or acetate to make art prints.

*Contents may vary slightly due to seasonal changes.

2. Workshop in a Box £29.00 (free uk p&p)

Workshop in a Box

Create your own cyanotype masterpieces using our super easy and fun DIY Kit

Perfect for 
• Budding Artists • Science Whizz Kids
• Creative Youngsters • Photographers 
• Crafters • Plant Lovers • Suitable for all artists aged 6 and over. 

Simply add water to the bottles, combine a small amount of chemicals A & B (adults only) in a bowl or tub, coat paper, dry in lowlight, place objects on the paper and expose to the sun (or UV lamp). After exposure wash out in water and dry overnight.


After the image has fully dried it should show a lovely blue colour. Using a variety of paper, natural fabrics, wood will give you a wide range of images. (For longer use, keep the chemicals separate and in a dark place.) 

The Braw Artworks 'Workshop in a Box' contains the chemicals to mix up 60ml solution which will coat around 20-40 A5 sheets of paper as you only need a small amount to coat your paper effectively.

Whats in the box!

 - Chemical A in bottle - add 30ml water 
- Chemical B in bottle - add 30 ml water
- Instruction sheet with hints and tips
- 10 A5 sheets 300gsm heavyweight watercolour paper
- A4 Printing board
- A4 acetate
- Pegs
- Measuring pipette
- Foam applicator
- UV protective bag to store your coated paper
- A bag of goodies to get you started *
-Round paper doily 

*bag of goodies contents vary depending on the season, usually contains feathers, dried pressed flowers and leaves.

Happy Customers 

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