My name is Katherine and I am a part time art teacher and part time artist based Central Scotland. I mainly work with the historical camera less photographic process of cyanotype.

In 2020 I began developing my photography work through the Cyanotype process. My interest in Cyanotypes comes from Anna Atkins who was a Botanist and named the first female photographer. She took the process for creating blueprints and transformed it for the purpose of cataloguing her work.

I love the unpredictable nature of this process. I experiment by using elements such as water, vinegar and salt, adding them to the process which changes the colour and the texture of each piece.  By collecting flowers and plants from my own garden and the Scottish countryside I can highlight the beauty of nature in each individual artwork. The before, during and after steps of the process always amaze me and bring back fond memories of developing analogue photographs in a darkroom.

As well as creating my own work I have been commissioned to create unique artwork using preserved flowers from funerals and weddings. My Cyanotype work has also been used for the logo of a new wellness centre in Scotland.

My newest collection uses my fascination of the human body, which comes from viewing illustrations by Henry Vandyke Carter, which are featured in the Gray’s Anatomy student textbook. I have started using x rays and MRI scans which produces exciting varied results.  This inspiration took me down a path of images of the body to create Art from Science.

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