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About Braw Artworks


Katherine is a Scottish artist with a passion for cyanotype, the creative process where Art meets Science.  Alongside creating her artwork she leads workshops and courses sharing her love of cyanotypes and also works as an art and design teacher in Falkirk. 

In 2020 Katherine began developing her photography work through the Cyanotype process. Her interest in Cyanotypes comes from Anna Atkins who was a Botanist and named the first female photographer. Atkins took the process for creating blueprints and transformed it for the purpose of cataloguing her work.

Katherine loves the unpredictable nature of this process and experiments with traditional formulation by using elements such as vinegar and salt, adding them to the process to change the colour and the texture of each piece.

By collecting flora from her own garden and the Scottish countryside she aims to highlight the individuality of each variety and bring wild unforgotten plants and weeds to the fore.  Katherine's Cyanotype work has also been used for the logo of a new wellness centre in Scotland.

Katherine uses many surfaces as her canvas from watercolour paper, natural fabrics, sheet music, maps and also black and white photographic paper to create Cyanolumens.  She has recently experimented with x ray films, MRI scans and has also used her own ink drawings to create negatives to print with.  Once the initial cyanotype process is complete Katherine loves to use metallic watercolour and gold leaf to further enhance the work.

Katherine's newest collection uses her fascination of the human body. This comes from viewing illustrations by Henry Vandyke Carter, which are featured in the Gray’s Anatomy student textbook. She has started using x-rays and MRI scans which produces exciting varied results.  This inspiration took her down a path of images of the body to create Art from Science.


Artist Bio


2001 Graduated BA Design 

2006 - present, Secondary Art and Design teacher 

2020 Started her cyanotype journey

2021 Representation in four Scottish Galleries

2021 Group exhibition ’The Denny Collective’, Glasgow

2022 Solo exhibition ‘Wild and Free’, Glasgow

2022 Joint exhibition with 'Charity McArdle Fine Art' at the Edinburgh Fringe ‘Rhapsody in Blue'

2022 Scottish Society of Artists 30x30 Exhibition, Edinburgh RSA

2023  Three artworks featured in 'The Storms Journal' a journal of poetry, prose and visual art.

2023  Individual Artist Feature in 'Suboart' international art magazine, print edition

2023 Artist in Residence with 'Scottish Wildlife Trust' and 'Cumbernauld Living Landscape' on their 'Creating Natural Connections' project.

2023 Exhibited within 'North Ayrshire Open Art'

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